The Frosted Ambassador

The Frosted Ambassador

Frosted Ambassador


The Frosted Ambassador exists underneath a thick creamy coating of diplomatic secrecy, failing to capitalize on any identifying traits such as band affiliations, or even song titles (I’m supplying my own). I assume that this is all done to maintain a certain level of international intrigue. What I can tell you is that these craftily constructed songs contain a heavy dose of pre-millennial complications, in the mode of the High Llamas (“Moog Ring Modulator”), Elf Power (“Where the Devil Forgot His Jacket”) and other modern pop romanticists. Of particular note is the tribute to electronic kitsch experimentalitsts Perrey and Kinglsey, “Booping to Beat the Band,” which recalls the duo’s bachelor pad tonalities without recycling a single scrap of recognizable melody. Experimental yes, difficult no, intriguing definitely.

Kindercore Records, P.O. Box 461, Athens, GA 30603

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