Anthemic Pop Wonder

Anthemic Pop Wonder

Wild Thrill-Hungry Gurls


Anthemic Pop Wonder sounds like a 4-track demo tape that’s seen better days… much better days. Starting off like a punk rock band during their first practice, they’re about as sloppy as a pie-eating contest. The vocals are purposely whiny and painful, the guitars are laden with so much distortion that the cheap recording equipment seemed to be unable to even handle it, and they sound like something similar to early Meat Puppets.

None of the instruments blend together, “catchy” is hardly in their vocabulary, and their occasional attempts at experimental post-punk sound dreadfully pathetic. Every so often, a slight attempt at writing a pop song will surface and immediately be buried by their inability to properly write and produce a song with any adequate accuracy. All in all, Anthemic Pop Wonder is the equivalent both in sound and quality of a cheaply-made 7-inch from a reject punk band. You might achieve more musical brilliance by scratching on a chalkboard for an hour.

Bombardier Recording, 2110 S. Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60608

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