Bruce Einsenbeil’s Crosscurrent Trio

Bruce Einsenbeil’s Crosscurrent Trio



If Bruce Eisenbeil were a painter instead of a guitarist, he would probably be a pointillist. His guitar style is quick, deft, and always melodic. The notes he plays skitter hyperactively across the foundations of the bass and drums. This trio of improvisers know the nuance of their instruments and use them to create a dynamic and consistently amazing work.

The Crosscurrent Trio has an innate understanding of time and space. As evidenced by the sparse introduction to “Caesar,” this band has an amazing control over tension of the music. The trio go through a variety of moods and atmospheres on this CD like the bright “Wildflowers” to the light and airy “Woman With a Handful of Rain,” and push themselves to what sounds like their creative peak.

Mural is a must for fans of creative guitar playing and vigorous group communication.

A note about the recording: it’s the best I’ve heard. All of the releases in the Creative Improvised Music Projects (CIMP) are recorded simply and very effectively. A listen on a good playback system reveals the depth and texture of the recording. All of you audiophiles listen up; a good system deserves well-recorded music for it.

Cadence Building, , Redwood, NY 13679;

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