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MTV’s Campus Invasion Tour

featuring Bush and Moby

UCF Arena, Orlando, FL • March 23, 2000


MTV’s “Campus Invasion Tour” featured the alternative grunge rockers, Bush, and the multitalented Moby. The tour kicked off at the UCF Arena in Orlando, Florida on March 23, 2000. Moby opened and put on a spectacular show of dance selections from his albums, including his recent hit single “Natural Blues” from his latest album, Play . Also performed was the song “Honey,” which Moby said “makes for a very sexy song.”

The nearly overnight success, Bush, came on next. I had seen Bush a couple years back, and was not too impressed by the show, but tonight was enough to make me do a complete 180 degree turn. They played a variety of radio friendly songs such as “Everything Zen” and “Comedown” from their 1994 release Sixteen Stone . Also performed was the hit “Mouth,” which was featured on the soundtrack for the movie An American Werewolf in Paris . The most recent single, “Letting the Cables Sleep,” from their latest album, The Science of Things , was sang to a beautiful scene of lighters being held up from the crowd.



Frontman Gavin Rossdale seemed to enjoy interacting with the jam-packed arena full of Bush fanatics. At several points in the show, he would leave the stage to crowd surf or just shake his fans’ hands. One distinct and memorable moment to everyone who attended the show was when Rossdale ran off the stage into the upper level stands, guitar still in hand. He just ran through the crowd, while still continuing to play the song. He basically gave security and fans a real panic and chase while he greeted people. He did, however, make it back onstage safely, and to my surprise, still fully clothed. After that, the show turned into a giant game of hide and seek, where at any given moment, Gavin could turn up right next to you, and you wouldn’t realize it until he was gone. Another major moment during the show, at least for one lucky fan, was when Rossdale took off the Bush shirt that he had been wearing and gave it to a member of the audience.

This show, to my surprise, was highly entertaining, sounded great, and was an adventure, to say the least. I enjoyed the show so much, that I made the drive to South Florida the very next day to see it again.


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