Chore Overload


Sonoptic is a guitar duo who seem to be improvising. What kind of improvising, though? Is it plinky-plonk improvising, is it long, droning Loren Mazzacane Connors improvising, is it wild, freakout Keiji Haino improvising? Check the box labeled “none of the above.”

Sonoptic improvise on guitar like :zoviet::france: played on their numerous toys. There is plenty of open space on this recording, and lovely swelling melodies to sink into. Guitars seem to be prominent here, but are accompanied by bass, organs and various synths. I’d say this duo was from New Zealand if it were not explicitly stated that they are Rhode Islanders. Keep on dronin’…

Warpodisc, PO Box 3491, Newport, RI 02840;

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