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Sao Paulo Confessions

Six Degrees Records

Suba is apparently one of Brazil’s leading producers. Sao Paulo Confessions is his debut release, and it slides underneath your skin like a secret. A confession, if you will. The music has that trance-inspired vibe that just sucks you into its world. Once you’re in, there’s no way out. Not until it’s finished it course. Every time I think I’ve figured out where a track is going, I find a new turn to explore. I imagine it tells the story of Sao Paulo. A mysterious city that Suba describes as “a stressful maze of massive skyscrapers, kilometric avenues and relentless chaos. Think Blade Runner in the tropics.” The description could easily be applied to this release. It is so fitting given the global combinations contained in each track. It is the blending of technology’s cold hollowness and the tropic’s warm sunshine. The music sounds human. It sounds natural and unique. Those are true qualities. I want music with a soul, and thankfully, it comes in the form of Sao Paulo Confessions.

Six Degrees Records, 602 20th St., San Francisco, CA 94107;

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