Deroot, Deroot, Deroot is on Fire!

Deroot, Deroot, Deroot is on Fire!


Saw your review of Deroot’s Four By Three. I don’t think they sound like Limp Dickless at all, but that’s just my opinion. Thought I’d let you know that Deroot’s new CD, You Only Live Once is out now, and is much better than the past CDs, so you should check it out.


Liza Hearon responds: I assume you’re referring to Limp Bizkit. Limp Dickless, huh? Now there’s a creative one; it’s right up there with the Backdoor Boys and N-Stink. I never hear any oh-so-clever wordplays on the names of bands that haven’t climbed the pop charts. Oh well.

Anyways, thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to check it out.

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