Before I listened to this album, I was expecting nothing more than a collection of songs that sounded like “Inside Out” and “Promise.” I was in for a pleasant surprise. There’s much more to Horrorscope than the plain guitar and vocals you hear on their singles. The first track, “Rescue” has a strong Orgy-like tint to it, and track ten, “Nightmare,” even features a synthesized string part. The one thing that is a constant throughout the CD is the distinctive vocals of Max Collins. As far as I’m concerned, the vocals will make or break the album for you.

On a side note, the insert for the CD is very well designed. Each fold reveals two panels (obviously). The right panel has a band member’s photo as well as a cartoon character modeled after him. The left panel has a new portion of a cartoon scene with superheroes fighting crime. In each new panel revealed, a cartoon version of one of the band members is revealed. The new superhero corresponds to the band member on the right panel. Hours of entertainment.

BMG, 1540 Broadway, 37th Floor, New York, NY 10036

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