King Ernest

King Ernest

Blues Got Soul

Fat Possum

Yeah, this album is full of the blues… and yeah… they got soul. From the opening track, “Suffer And Stay,” which is a fairly traditional blues riff, carried by King’s voice. At times as smooth as James Brown, as deep as Muddy Waters, and as loud as Screamin’ Jay. This CD is all about that… the voice. While the drums and guitar are definitely there, these songs are carried up and carried through by the strength and by the waver in the vocals. You can feel the heartbreak, you can hear the strength and resolution. The Tom Waits-written “House Where Nobody Lives” is one that makes you just want to find a bottle of wine and cry like the falling rain. The final song, “Regular Man,” hits a more upbeat groove, but these are the blues, and it ends with a tear in the eye. King Ernest died on Highway 101 days after he finished the recording of this album. These songs will make us remember him. God bless.

Fat Possum Records, P.O Box 1923, Oxford, MS 38655-1923

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