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And Then You’ll Beg

Century Media

And then comes Cryptopsy to save grindcore from complacency. And Then You’ll Beg, the crazy Canadians’ fourth album, somehow manages to push Cryptopsy’s already sealed envelope that much further (to falling off the face of the earth), not so much repeating past glories as forging new ones that logically look to the past. Difficult as it is to fathom, the quartet up-ratchets their tightly wound formula – blowtorching death-grind prominently comprising calculus-defying riff sequences and some of the most inhuman(e) time signatures known to mere mortals, all of it executed with a surgeon’s precision – another notch on And Then You’ll Beg, rendering onlookers (including souls accustomed to such fare) cold n’ alone through such mortifying, acid-fried malevolence, such brainy headblast; and the kids think the Dillinger Escape Plan is beyond comprehension! Overwhelming with a capital O, futuristic beyond many light years – sit back and fire up a fatty for this one.

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