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This five-song EP CD is from Tampa-Gainesville quartet Honey. Three women (and a guy on lead guitar), they put out (pardon the pun) hard rock that walks the line between metal and punk, in the tradition of L7, Lunachicks, Seven Year Bitch, and Special Head. Lots of tough-girl titles and lyrics: “I Wanna Be Bad,” “Give It Up,” “Drunk Again,” “Go To Hell,” with the F-word actually used as a verb instead of an adjective or adverb, and a Bikini Kill cover. My kinda grrls.

Alas, Honey is no more – with their Gainesville member pursuing a doctorate at UF, the logistics were just too difficult. So find and get this CD while you still can, but look for more around Tampa from singer Christa and drummer Michelle, and a project from bassist Cindy in Gainesville.

I don•t care whether the guy does anything.

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