Super XX Man/Eric Metronome

Super XX Man/Eric Metronome

Home Vol. II


The second excellent offering in this series puts together a couple of indie pop stars who create, alone and together, some of the most beautiful songs this side of Bright Eyes… ten of them. Super XX Man is Scott Garred of Silver Scooter, and Eric Metronome comes from the band Tiara. Both of these bands have never disappointed, and these songwriters together also fail to do anything other than astound. Acoustic based and running along the indie folk edge, these ten songs touch the heart, and hit overflow. You can hear soft elements of the bands Silver Scooter and Tiara, but there’s more here. The combination, as sometimes these singers share the same songs as well as going it solo, brings out hints of a musical sensibility that has been grasped by few. Pedro the Lion comes to mind, at times, as does Elliott Smith, but as the songs play on, there are few comparisons to be made… just enjoyment to be had.

Post-Parlo Records, PMB 49121, Austin, TX 78765,

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