The Gaza Strippers

The Gaza Strippers

Electric Bible: The New Testament

Triple X

Hmm, despite the title, I didn’t hear anything particularly religious-sounding on this disc. In fact, why, there’s a naked girl on the cover, oh my. The Gaza Strippers are another band mining an early- to mid-’70s hard rock sound, with influence coming from bands like Kiss and the earlier MC5. Lotsa hard leaning on whammy bars here, kids. For you collector types (or for those of you who wait for stuff to be compiled on CD), a lot of this CD has been previously released, some of it on vinyl, for various labels including Man’s Ruin, Bam Bam, TSB, and Triple X. Includes a virtually unrecognizable cover of Elvis Costello’s “Lipstick Vogue.”

Triple X Records,

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