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Angular and full of syncopated switches, time signatures that shift at the drop of a hat, a minimalism that hearkens back to Wire or Gang Of Four; this release draws upon totally different sources of inspiration than most of their peers today. Welding the lyrical content of bands like Gang Of Four, music as commentary, with the visual appeal of bands like Devo (a group they are often compared to) down to matching uniforms, the music is structured to draw the audience’s attention. This is not intended for casual listening. While treatises on social economy and its effects on interpersonal relationships make for insightful philosophy, it is a difficult matter to craft songs out of this material. Lacking a sense of humor, this approach may evolve into a cold and antiseptic style, devoid of warmth; it is as compelling and catchy as Sunday school sermon. On several of the tracks, this is precisely what occurs. Yet the skill of the musicians and the potency of their vision make for a rewarding experience. This is definitely a band that one can expect to hear from in the future. This is a worthy purchase for fans of music with conviction or those who prefer their music to sing about something else besides girls and failed relationships.

Ace Fu Records, PO Box 3388, Hoboken, NJ 07030; http://www.acefu.com

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