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The Still



This is a catchy and hook-laden release that hearkens back to early nineties Britpop and American pop music. While some highlight this band’s similarity to bands like Big Star, I would think they have more in common with a band like Inspiral Carpets. This is indie rock with hooks and choruses that hearken back to late eighties and early nineties music. It is full of excellent tracks for pop connoisseurs looking to expand their collection. Stand out tracks include “Today,” “Wavelength,” and “She’s Got Something.” Check out for an MP3 of the band.

Darla Records, 3460 Potter Lane, Sacramento, CA 95821;

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New Music Now 009: Sleepyhead

New Music Now 009: Sleepyhead


Join us for a new edition of New Music Now, with our special musical guest, Sleepyhead. All three members of the band are school teachers, so you didn’t hear it from us, but there might be a pop quiz about their album New Alchemy after the show.

Joana Pimenta

Joana Pimenta


Back in 2018, Lily and Generoso selected Adirley Queirós’s Once There Was Brasilia as a top ten film. That feature’s cinematographer, Joana Pimenta, has now co-directed with Queirós one of the most expansive political films we’ve seen this year, Dry Ground Burning. Lily and Generoso interviewed Pimenta at AFI Fest earlier this month.

ATLive 2022 with Billy Joel

ATLive 2022 with Billy Joel

Event Reviews

Country/rock mashup series ATLive brings Roi J. Tamkin to Atlanta’s Mercedez Benz Stadium for a night of standing ovations starring The Piano Man, Billy Joel.

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