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Release The Object


Release The Object is Object’s debut release. It comes to us via Foton, a label specializing in “minimal soundscapes, abstract ambient, and twisted frequencies.” The two previous releases on Foton explored exactly that, with Urawa’s Villa Vertigo presenting an outstanding group of subtle, textured audio environments.

Object takes a different route than that taken by the other Foton stable. Release The Object fits very distinctly into the austere electronic minimalism fostered by labels like Raster, 12K, and some of the Touch fare. Object explores extreme frequencies and minutely shifting structures with a cold, academic feel. Their rhythms are very, very slow, and remind me more of the phase patterns of Steve Reich than the buoyant minimalism of Thomas Brinkmann and Mike Ink. Occasionally, the music slides into more textured realms, with low rumblings overriding the piercing sine waves. A warning to those sensitive to very high frequencies: if Ryoji Ikeda’s +/- made your teeth rattle, stay far, far away from here. However, those who enjoy sine waves and austerity will find much to like on this CD.

Foton vzw, Troonstraat 187, B-1050, Brussels, Belgium;,

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