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The Green Pajamas

In a Glass Darkly

A Hidden Agenda/Parasol

The Green Pajamas have been quietly carving out their own unique style of psych-pop for about the last 20 years. In a Glass Darkly is the first of two EPs planned for 2001. It’s inspired by the stories of J.S. Le Famu.

Sigh. I’ve got to come clean about something. I am as familiar with the stories of J.S. Le Famu as I am with the music of The Green Pajamas. Which is, hmmm, say, about ZERO. So, when I say “psych-pop,” I mean pop more than I mean psych. There’s some lovely touches of hazy keyboards, fuzzed-out guitars, and plenty of meandering bass work, but these songs are pretty well locked within the aforementioned SONG structure. The keyboards and violin give the music a grandiose feel, and the lyrics point to emotional turmoil, menace, and lands sometimes tread by David Tibet. It’s easily for rainy days, maybe even enough for rainy nights.

Parasol Records, 905 S Lynn St., Urbana, IL 61801;,

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