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Sarah Brightman

A Whiter Shade of Pale/A Question of Honour


Given the recent trend of wispy female vocalists being remixed by dance DJs (such as Deep Dish getting their hands into Dido’s “Thank You” and Sarah McLachlan’s new remix album featuring Rabbit in the Moon, Hybrid and many more), we should have known that Sarah Brightman wasn’t going to be far behind. Known best for her new age-y sound and Andrew Lloyd Weber numbers, the doll-faced songstress has a host of records and more live shows than you can shake a stick at. Her newest record is a two-song (“A Whiter Shade of Pale” and “A Question of Honour”), ten-track wonder of repetition. The jacket promises “Exclusive dance remixes by ATB and Delerium,” which holds true, but doesn’t leave much else substance-wise. Don’t get me wrong, the dance mixes in and of themselves are great – inventive, and they actually improve both songs – but the rest of the album isn’t much to brag about. If you’re into Sarah Brightman, and/or clubby dance remixes (only two of which on the CD are actually of quality) then it’s a pretty safe buy. Otherwise, save your money for the much cooler other Sarah.

Angel Records, 304 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010;

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