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The String Tribute to Bjork


Most likely taking a cue from the Icelandic chanteuse’s Selmasongs, Ice strips away much of the complex elements to reveal the subtle orchestral underbelly of Bjork’s solo albums. Covering all the major bases from Debut through Homogenic, somber strings fully realize the instrumental potential of such aggressive classics as “Army Of Me” and the lilting ballad “Venus as a Boy.” Scandanavian group Apocalyptica may have first brought this novel concept to the public’s attention with their Metallica covers, but Ice shies from overplayed rock and chooses an artist more befitting of a string tribute.

The vocal melodies are entwined within the scratchy violins and rumbling cellos. Sure, the skittering beats and powerful voice of Bjork are lost in the shuffle, but it’s a sincere way to show the soothing core that supports most of her songs. Although the strings are very audible on the originals, it is only on this record that they are brought to the forefront for us to appreciate. Better than most tribute albums out there, Ice’s orchestral homage to Bjork is still merely a suppressant for the rabid fanbase awaiting her next release.

Vitamin Records, Box 39439, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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