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Gez Varley

Bayou Paradis

Force Inc.

Gez Varley is probably known best as half of LFO, purveyors of mighty, bumpin’ house anthems that’d set your ass on fire and hurl it to the dancefloor. LFO parted ways years ago, and since then, Gez Varley has quietly been making some serious waves under his own name and G-Man alias. Varley is known for minimal techno in the Profan direction, big, lush, and most of all, hypnotic. The Detroit techno influence is very thoroughly present, but Varley’s synth washes are more sparkling than they are muted, and the basslines are fairly static. Varley’s strength lies in his manipulation of the details. One first listen, a song like the title track seems almost like a basic deep house excursion. However, if you listen on headphones, you’ll notice Varley’s incredibly minute manipulation of reverb the synth pads. God’s in the details, y’know?

Force Inc., Weserstr. 7, 60329 Frankfurt, Germany;,,

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