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Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles

Bigger Than Ron Jeremy


If there was ever a band ready and willing to take up the stained, sticky, smelly mantle of The Mentors, Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles is certainly the one. The band spares no opportunity to offend, offering tracks like “Wrong Side of the Glory Hole,” “Crusty Panties,” and “Ike Turner Motivational Method” with a straight face and a straightforward metal guitar leg hump. Covers include “Bark at the Moon,” “Hit Me with Your Wet Twat,” and “Motley Kazoo,” the last a rare moment of lucidity in between in between the hormonal rage. This is the sort of stuff that will send near-pubescents into fits of hysterics; you’ll laugh until you fart.

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles:

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