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Livin’ With L.E.S. (Tent City). Review by Marcel Feldmar.

In Decay

Livin’ With L.E.S.

Tent City

Slightly punked out and very upbeat ska/thrash for those garage Oi! fans. The first side moves fairly steady and smooth through two songs, with screaming background vocals over fast-paced, almost spoken banter, and it slides from the ska into a nice hardcore groove. Short and sweet and flip to side two. More punk, with “Feelin’ Lucky Punk?” taking the ska beat and speeding it up until it’s almost like some pure hardcore polka, spinning like mohawks on speed. The fourth song is a little more melodic, but still beats you over the head like a good punk song should.

Tent City Records, 175 5th Ave., Suite 2341, New York, NY 10010

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