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Okey dokey, that’s it motherfuckers!

A shoe full of C4 on an airplane? After the 9-11 deal? Pullleeeze!

And so, since it has become abundantly apparent to me that those low rent

motherfuckers who identify themselves as “muslim” have decided to wage some

sort of demented “holy war” against me and my kind, I can only step up to the

plate and say 1.)your “religion” is a completely bloodthirsty attempt at world

domination (nah, it don’t got a fart’s chance in a hurricane of happening). And

2.)what the fuck’s up with the 72 virgins deal? I mean, come on, not 73, not 28,

nope, allah the mullah sez 72. In heaven. Right. This is a religion for terminal

wankers. And, come to think of it, it’s no wonder they’re blowing everything in

sight to hell. Sex deprivation will do that to people. A whole CULTURE of sex

deprived dingdongs can only be expected to send themselves on a kamikaze mission

to some sort of afterlife sex farm.

Fuck you assholes!!

Once upon a time I was kind of laid back when it came to religion.

No more.

I’ve got serious problems with Christianity, but compared with the lunacy

espoused by your typical rank and file mohammedon, the Spanish Inquisition is a

walk in the park. I’m all for freedom of religion, with one salient exception.




No, abdullah, I’m not converting to your crazed version of … whatever.

You dorks have, over the last half century, enjoyed FAR too much elbow room by

way of furthering your psychotic brand of allah on the point of a sword.

And I’m not just talking about your typical towel headed kamikaze, here ok?

If the powers that be in the land of allah had the least little control over

their demented minions, then they would quickly and efficiently see to it that

said minions would have the good grace to refrain from blowing up thousands of



“I’m sorry, but ali just sort of went over the edge.”


You guys are corrupt, bloodthirsty, and generally full time fucked up from top

to bottom. Nobody at all is attempting to curb the blood thirst and in fact,

most of you are secretly, or not so secretly, rooting for the home team as it

attempts to reinstate the middle ages upon an otherwise sane world.

Fuck you!

So, since none of you motherfuckers seems able to contain the more bloodthirsty

impulses of your soulmates, then I say it’s time for a ROLLBACK.

You guys got way too much real estate.

I say we take ALL of it away from you.

Just shut your damnable ripoff operation down for once and for all.

Send you guys on a hajj to hell, ok?

Hajj, what’s that all about anyhow?

Bunch of damn bullshit, that’s what.

Time’s up losers, you’ve screwed the pooch and now you’re going to be held


Fuck you!

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