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The two musical outposts of their respective continents join forces – a Norwegian band on a Canadian label. How marginal can you possibly get? This is, however, nowhere near as bad as it may sound, the music being guitar-heavy post-grunge brooding/poppy stuff, circa 1995 – think Elastica meets Sugar, or even (for laughs) Eurythmics making out with The Smashing Pumpkins. Yep, that’s the sound of 1995 for you, and that’s the sound of Twigs.

Not cutting edge, then, and not really the best band I’ve heard this week either. However, I can’t help feeling a bit sympathetic towards them. A few of the tracks are quite good, and they all have dumb names (always a good sign) – “Phantonemesis,” anyone? “Thalassa Bogey”? “Ego Valentine”? Thought so. Anyway, opening song “Divulge” is quite catchy, and “Galleon Song” is a rather sweet, semi-tender affair. Loads of guitar and heavy repetitive riffing all over, of course, and if that’s your thing, then this could be one for you.

Probably a better proposition in a live setting, this leaves a bit to be desired, although there’s no reason to dismiss them completely. They are undoubtedly talented musicians, and with a stricter quality control, the next one could be a good one. 1995 wasn’t all that bad.\_twigs/

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