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Play me the Money! Money Mark Ramos-Nishita has been widely heard as the wacko behind the keyboards for the Beastie Boys here and there. I’ve often found his solo stuff to be as enjoyable, sometimes more so. With a deep, deep understanding of groove, Money Mark has a style that’s warm and familiar, but nonetheless hair-raising. A subtle sense of humor goes through everything from the album title and cover (featuring folded paper cranes of various global bills) to the way Money picks up on cop chase scene music. The opening “Chocochip” is light and jazzy, but with a sharp little sawtooth riff. Further along, we hear “Soul Drive Sixth Avenue,” which allows me to use the term “bass-heavy” in a way I haven’t been able to in years. Slo-motion chick-a-wahs, a confident bass line and a basso saxophone riff, ah yes. And lest we think we’re done, Money closes with a couple of soulful numbers, a saucy rendition of Los Lobos’ “Pepe Y Irene” and the French-gothic pop of “Rain (NYC)” – sink your investments in this one. It’s easy Money.

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