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Harry Gregson-Williams

Spy Game Soundtrack

Decca /Universal Classics

From the oriental “Su-Chou Prison” to the almost dance “Muir Races to Work,” the very 21st Century spy orientated “Training Montage” and the aptly titled “All Hell Breaks Loose,” composer Harry Gregson- Williams makes a score that is both essential to the meaning of the film and is able to stand on its own two feet without the movie. Spy Game is the story of a protegé and his mentor (in the CIA). The mentor, Nathan Muir (Robert Redford) is about to retire when he finds out that his protege, Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt) has been imprisoned for espionage. While they haven’t spoken in years due to conflict, Muir decides to put the past behind him as he sets out on his most dangerous mission ever – to save a friend. A great movie and an equally great score.

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