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Gov’t Mule

The Deep End: Volume One


The loss of Allen Woody, long time bass player and dear friend, left not only an emotional gap in Gov’t Mule, but a musical hole which they decided they didn’t want to fill permanently. Instead, the remaining members, Warren Haynes and Matt Abts, made a list of those that they considered to be the best bass players in music today. After much effort, big names from all genres donated their time to songs which ended up forming The Deep End: Volume One. With Mike Gordon (of Phish) on “Banks of the Deep End,” flamboyant Bootsy Collins doing “Tear Me Down,” Jack Bruce (of Cream) on “Fool’s Moon,” Flea (of Red Hot Chili Peppers) performing “Down and Out in New York City,” and John Entwistle (The Who) on “Same Price,” it’s no surprise that Haynes and Abts were just a little excited. The last track on the album, “Sin’s a Good Man’s Brother,” is sweetly done by Woody, who passed away in the early stages of the recording process of what was supposed to be the next Gov’t Mule release. The album is dedicated to him, and it’s such a nice collection of smoky lounge blues and folk that it would make any bass player proud. In addition to the music on the main disc, you’ll also receive the “Hidden Treasure” disk with four extra tracks, including a neat solo of “Soulshine.”

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