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DJ Encore featuring Engelina



Sometimes I wonder if to be an A&R rep for a major label, one has to be on the cutting edge of music – from five years ago. With all the great music that comes out from even the smallest label, one could get an aneurysm trying to figure out why a megalith like MCA had to travel all the way to Denmark to discover the startling mediocrity of Encore and Engelina. Let me take that back. If MCA would’ve found this duo back in ‘92, that would’ve been a coup and somebody would’ve gotten a raise. But whoever’s responsible for this same act nine years later should be hurled into a perpetual time machine to constantly repeat the moment just before the MCA firing squad’s bullets penetrate her/his chest.

All that aside, if you like that pop-techno sound that reared its head on Top 40 radio in the mid-‘90s, then Intuition is for you. Personally, this disc reminds me of the cheesy disco in Eastern Europe I used to hang out in back in ‘93, and should be re-titled Recollection. Too reminiscent of Ace Of Base or Haddaway, all I can say is, “Baby, don’t hurt me no more” with this incredibly grating sound.

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