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Todd Mullinax (a.k.a. Dabrye) is another in a long line of desktop DJs who exemplifies the joys and risks of the technology being affordable to the masses. Sometimes, Mullinax delivers some delicious, abstracted hip-hop beats, but at other times – like a James Cameron movie – you just want it to end. For example, there’s a feedback-fuzz effect that runs quite often on the disc. While it works, oddly enough with the smooth groove of “With A Professional,” it clashes hemorragically with the milquetoast “smooth jazz” tenor sax on “The Lish.” Mostly, though, One/Three works quite well. The R&B gem of “How Many Times (With This),” the Zapp-ish jam, “Smoking The Edge,” and the if-Jan-Hammer-were-cool “So Scientific” are all worth multiple listens. And, unlike most DJs, Dabrye has a short and sweet delivery. He makes his point and goes onto the next tune instead of droning on with the same, continuous beat that beats monotony into submission (which is good for the dance floor but can really wear thin at home). There are just a couple of points you wish he wouldn’t have made.

Ghostly International:

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