It’s April, Fool!

Interesting tidbits you might have missed…

No longer are you forced to get your news from the morning paper. Nope, judicious use of your “mouse finger” rewards the avid news hound with a wealth of lesser-known information, such as:

Army Secretary Thomas White, currently taking heat for his use of government planes for private business, stated the following in a press conference on March 27th:

“I had to be in Seattle for a meeting with Microsoft…”

Does it give anyone else the creeps that the military is meeting with Microsoft?


A California legislator thinks that increasing taxes on soft drinks will stop kids from getting fat:

“It is not my intention to demonize soda.”

Fat or not, how many kids pay taxes?

Surf the FBI, start a file!

From the privacy policy on the FBI Web site:

“In certain circumstances, however, we may take additional steps to identify you based on this information and we may share this information, including your identity, with other government agencies.”

Now where did I leave my copy of 1984?


Scared about your kids surfing the net? Well, send them someplace with aerial reconnaissance pigeons, “Try a disguise” Shockwave goodies, and a find a word game that includes fun terms like “Covert,” “Spies,” and “Espionage.” That’s right, it’s the “CIA For Kids” Web site…

I’d be happier if my kid was watching Pamela and Tommy Lee, actually…


With postal rates continuing to climb, those of us who are forced to use this inefficient monopoly demand to know where the money is going! Well, some of it might go for the salary for this Educational Psychologist, who qualifications must include:

Knowledge of Educational Psychology and/or Industrial/Organizational Psychology principles, theories and techniques, including research design, implementation and documentation, sufficient to provide practical business solutions to organizational and employee problems and issues.

Is “going postal” considered a “practical business solution?” ◼

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