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Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown in Dub


For even the most diehard reggae fans, knowing which records to buy has been one of the hardest quests one can undertake. Reggae artists – even the best of them – have been known to be notoriously prolific, which has seriously effected the overall quality of their works. Greats like the late Dennis Brown have put out consistently inconsistent work, making even music addicts like me gun-shy about purchasing his stuff.

However, thou shalt not fear about buying Dennis Brown in Dub. This collection of rare dub gems will sparkle from your CD player. It captures three legends – Brown, Niney the Observer, and King Tubby – at their youthful, militant, and creative best. It also captures dub in its infancy, with its lethargic basslines, tripped-out reverb, and spacey effects. Every song is a jewel (especially “Sir Niney’s Rock” and “Dubbing with the Observer”) to be marveled over and enjoyed. If you have ever had the misfortune of buying a Dennis dud, you should definitely check him out “in dub” to realize just why the late crooner is still considered a legend.

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