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J.D. Diggs



J.D. Diggs struggles with outside forces on this release. The forces in question being, as is too often the case, financial limitations. Money need not be much of an issue in a recording situation, but when the results are this blurry, there’s not much else to blame it on. Diggs’ swampy rock is never able to fight its way out of the mud that is cheap, programmed drums and sub-standard recording equipment. It’s too bad, really, as Diggs is a good guitarist, an engaging singer and, frankly, an impressive songwriter. There are some songs on here — songs like “Drift Away,” “Go Ahead,” and “Addicts And Fools” — on which Diggs’ accomplished writing proves itself to be nothing short of hugely accomplished, and the results captivating.

He operates in a bluesy, funky, Southern-tinged rock territory where, generally speaking, not much new has happened since Lynyrd Skynyrd released their first album. The fact that his songs, operating in this vein, are able to stir up interest in spite of the dreary production values and the tame sound is a mark to his talents. One can only hope that he’ll be able to re-record this album using real musicians — or a better programmer on better equipment! — to give full justice to his songs.

J.D. Diggs: http://www.jddiggs.com

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