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1st Offence

Case No. 0707801


If this is this brother’s first offense, I’d have to strongly recommend the death penalty.

Sorry. I’d been saving up for that one. In all honesty, this really isn’t that bad. If you miss that Casiotone early bass of 2 Live Crew, then this disc is for you. I don’t know if it’s their intention, but I found myself chuckling throughout the entire album. It’s a regular laugh riot of corny beats and raunchy sex that epitomizes that early-‘90s Miami sound. With the entire music industry constantly looking back (with plays featuring the entire ABBA oeuvre, neo-soul, and the proliferation of pop/rock bands sounding like Eddie Vedder), why not re-examine the genius that is Luther “Luke Skywalker” Campbell? And 1st Offense gives you that old bounce for your thonged ass.

Verbatem Records: 954.705.0551

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