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King Britt

Presents Scuba: Hidden Treasures


King Britt is one of the most talented DJ/producers out there today, who possesses a sense of adventure hard to find these days in popular music. From putting new tints on his native Philly’s soulful tradition, to pumping life into the recrudescent ’80s vibe, Britt gives us something funky to listen to every time.

Those with an especially attentive ear may have noticed that one of Britt’s schizophrenic personas over the past few years has been Scuba (remember, this guy was Silkworm of Digable Planets). Born from a shrooming experience, Scuba is all into having spiritual depth in his deep, spiritual house. And, now the man, with the help of a three-record deal with Om, has a perfect opportunity to proselytize his dance gospel.

I, for one, am looking forward to being converted, because Hidden Treasures is damned brilliant. Digging through the trove of Britt remixes, this has to be the best remix album since Jazzanova’s 2000 release. Just like that immensely talented German junta, Britt adds depth and vitality to every song he touches. There is a certain sensitivity and artistry here that separates these works from the usual, very disposable works from the dance world – as though the man’s trying to construct cathedrals as opposed to cardboard boxes.

While Scuba is Britt’s house persona, the music transcends the genre and, oftentimes, simply becomes beautiful. There are touches all over the disc that somehow add new dimensions to the monotonous drive of the music (his own “Swell,” High Priestess’ “Kharma,” Soul Dharma’s “Flower,” and Michele Shaprow’s “If I Lost You”). This is a disc that will be hard to replace in your player and should have a significant impact on electronic music for years to come.

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