Soul Center

Soul Center

Soul Center


Michel Foucault supposedly once said of his fellow deconstructionist, Jacques Derrida, that he was the kind of philosopher who gave bullshit a bad name. It’s just that Derrida said so many outlandish things it was kind of difficult, at times, to take him seriously because he wasn’t taking himself seriously at all. One gets the same feeling sometimes listening to Cologne-based Thomas Brinkmann’s Soul Center. It’s just that at times this minimalist-funk tech-house producer is so trite, so predictable that you simply want to write him off. Yet, at the same time, there’s a je ne sais quoi quirkiness and freshness to his approach, you really don’t know how to handle this disc. I don’t want to trash the man nor laud him to the heavens. It’s as though Soul Center were a private joke that the listener’s not let in on because s/he just may actually be the butt of it.

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