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Living Well is the Best Revenge


Just when it seemed that generic pop-punk bands were taking over music, along came New Jersey’s Midtown. Midtown’s second full-length release, Living Well is the Best Revenge is a perfect blend of melodic yet driven tracks, putting all those generic bands and their whiny vocalists to shame. Midtown’s personas, on stage and off, reveal that they are simply four boys who want to play music and have a good time. At the same time, they are firm in their beliefs, using their music as a means to promote animal rights. Contact information for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) can be found on all of Midtown’s albums, their Web site, and at their live shows.

Living Well is the Best Revenge is an original and distinct album. Midtown has not one, but three vocalists: Gabe Saporta, Tyler Rann, and Heath Saraceno. This makes for alternating lead vocals, and to put it simply, really great harmonies! Midtown are essentially a punk rock boy band. Yet, unlike boy bands, their lyrics are not sugar-coated or unrealistic. Rather, they are honest and relatable, demonstrating that even “rock stars” can have regrets and insecurities. Take for example the song “A Faulty Foundation”: “What if this had not happened/What if she hadn’t gone/What if this had not happened/She never would have gone.”

Living Well is the Best Revenge proves that punk, pop-punk, emo, or whatever you want to call it DOES have a future and Midtown are helping to lead the way. Highlights of the album include “Become What You Hate,” “Get It Together,” “Perfect,” “Find Comfort in Yourself” (featuring The Movielife’s Vinnie Caruana on backing vocals), and, my personal favorite, “One Last Time.”

So what’s not to love about Midtown, you ask? Well, not too much. The only downside to Living Well is the Best Revenge is that it is only about 30 minutes long and has no hidden track. (I have a thing for secret songs). Other than that, Midtown are about as lovable as a band can be; they’re not too hard on the eyes either. (Please excuse this sudden outburst of girlish enthusiasm). Go buy Living Well is the Best Revenge; satisfaction is guaranteed.

Be sure to catch the Midtown boys on Warped Tour this summer and be prepared to be blown away.


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