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Too Damn Hype

Whoops! A bit on the heavy side, this one.

Super-aggressive, turbo-charged nu-grind that moves with a fury and stamps with a passion. Taking its cue from grindcore, Heidnik offer slabs of death metal and evil blastbeats to the mix, drenching it all in heavily distorted production and interspersing the tracks with casual noise and angry monologue. An almost laughably accomplished, break-neck-speed record, this is so noisy and chaotic that the melodic guitar line that suddenly pops up on “Hunting the Abyss Lord,” the album’s final track, becomes an oasis of peace and tranquility.

A sick but strangely considered effort, Heidnik have gone ahead and made what must surely be the scariest album of the year, with lyrics detailing a man falling apart and taking it out on those who have hurt him, including himself. Intense and devastating, this is a remarkable album, utterly disturbing and equally compelling. Madness.

Too Damn Hype:

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