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Take Me Home


Man, this is the prettiest band I’ve seen in ages! There are four of them, and they’re all ridiculously handsome. Brilliant. Without actually wanting to sound like daytime comedy TV, these are boys I’d seriously consider giving up my petty, bourgeois heterosexuality for. If only they’d stick to the modeling business. But no, they had to start a band, didn’t they? Typical.

And so, what we get, is music that’s been heavily featured on Dawson’s Creek and MTV’s Real World, and I’m sure you know what this sounds like already. It’s a match of boredom – think Goo Goo Dolls meet Lighthouse Family meet Creed, which isn’t a very attractive concept to these ears. I don’t know who listens to this kind of music, I’ve never met anyone who will openly admit to it, but there you go. It sells by the truckloads, so someone has to pick up the copies. Probably it’s those same folks who are being subjected to an unhealthy dose of bad radio programming. Such a thing could ruin anyone’s tastes.

Anyway, this is not a bad record, by any means – it’s impeccably executed. I do suspect, however, that it may be evil, and I definitely know that it’s enormously frustrating to listen through it all in one single sitting, even though, to the extent that this music tries to achieve anything at all, that thing is precisely to not offend. Ironic, really.

Plus, there are far too few pictures in the booklet. These guys just don’t realize their strong sides. Useless.

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