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Notes Left Out

One Mad Son

Imagine if Tracy Chapman was a male folk/country singer – no, really! – and you’re on your way to imagine the lovely sound of Edward Gorch’s Knotworking. The lush, quietly strummed songs betray the dark matters that exist within the confines of this record, late-night readings of intensely personal reflections and confessions. The album’s quiet, hushed country is at times reaching backwards to traditional western folk music, such as on the lovely “Came To Save,” while at other times, on “Imbecile Smile,” say, Knotworking wouldn’t seem out of place in company with contemporary roots-y Americana artists like Will Oldham. A sprawling affair, then, but still impressively united and considered, thanks in no small part to the beautiful voice of Gorch as well as the sparse instrumentation and the careful delivery from all involved, highlighting the songwriting and the songs themselves. A remarkable achievement.

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