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Thug Misses

Dirty Down / Artemis

After having “My Neck, My Back (Lick It),” to which Too Short has written a reply, throbbing across dancefloors in the south for about a year, Artemis has finally decided to release this ghetto fabulous album. Khia is the latest queen of hoochie mama feminism, spraying expletives and racial epithets all over this disc like musk. Casiotone bass riffs and all, she delivers that Southern bass sound that is cheap, tinny, and as stereotypical as an African with a bone through his nose. All fried chicken, watermelon, and over-sexualized, Khia has no problem posing on all fours, with legs spread, ass-first, any position that won’t compromise her position as a stank booty princess who’ll be pumpin’ through every pimped-out stereo in the hood – and suburbs of Bangor, Maine. Unfortunately, for you, me, Mystic, Medusa, Ursula, Meshell, Latifah, and damned near every feminist on the planet, Khia, with the originality of any assembly plant, can be catchy at times. It’s so bad, so offensive, that Thug Misses is a dancefloor train wreck that’ll bounce folks around the club. The appeal has been proven (time and time and time and time again), and she pounces on it like herpes on a cracked lip. I feel dirty saying it, but… well, my crack pipe’s empty and I need a shower for writing this. Enjoy Thugette, here, to the fullest.

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