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In these troubling times of high divorce rates, it’s good to know that some marriages are really matches made in heaven (even though the recent break-ups of Angelina and Billy Bob, J Lo and Judd have really shaken my faith). When you look at Mille Plateaux and its desperate need to push the electronic envelope, it makes absolutely perfect sense that they would be coupled with the prolific mad scientist Uwe Schmidt (a.k.a. Geez ‘n’ Gosh, Atom Heart, Senor Coconut, and half of Flanger). So, together, they’ve released the follow-up to GnG’s My Life with Jesus to continue the “click-house” sound.

Much like Akufen’s My Way, Nobody Knows takes the binary sounds of post-modern existence – the blips and bleeps and cranky computer flatulence – and hammers them into bizarre, minimalist house tracks that are inexplicably danceable (and reportedly favorites at NYC Body and Soul). Schmidt goes one further by adding dismembered house and gospel vocals that sound like the desperate cries of someone thrown into a combine. With a Hal-like, pixilated Jesus on the cover, it feels as though Geez ‘n’ Gosh has catapulted us straight into a post-millenarian dance party where the Terminator commands our automated lives and our dancefloor. Though I don’t want to examine the implications, I urge you to check out this disc (and the rest of Schmidt’s work, if you can).

Mille Plateaux:

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