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Me Without You

[A–>B] Life

Tooth & Nail

Me Without You are defined by suits and designer-mod hair and from moving on the fringes of post-punk and emo. Melody and aggression combine to make for some truly great moments and others less so. While the songwriting leaves a bit to be desired from time to time – less expressive and insistent than their ever-energetic performances – there are still more than enough on here to sustain interest throughout. The purest hardcore moments are also their best ones, although the slight change of pace and tonality for “Silencer” is a welcome surprise as well, and a standout moment.

Somewhat reminiscent of At the Drive-In, Me Without You aren’t quite that hot yet. But they are in a good place and have a lot of great things going on. A couple more years on their backs – they have only been around for a mere two years – and they have the potential to come up with something truly great.

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