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Sounds Are Active

Electronics meet hard rap and rocks it out, in a rather lovely, avant-garde sort of way on this new album from the hugely prolific, ever-changing outfit. Don’t let the “avant-garde” thing scare you off, though, this is both appealing and approachable music, great electronic noise-rap that offers uncontrolled madness for the people.

The pulsating “Non-Linear” kicks it off (after a brief intro thing), and is an incessantly catchy, frantic rap jam, absolutely stunning, and showcasing the band’s tendency to blend radical cut-ups with freeform hip-hop to create something unique and passionately idiosyncratic. Elsewhere, we have the splendidly grandiose “Innerspacemen” and the joke-y, gangsta chant of “Horse Posing as Unicorn.”

Always focused and arresting, there may be too much plain weirdness for some to take, but if enjoyed in smaller doses, everyone with a heart for playful and inventive rap should find something to enjoy on here. Hugely impressive from Soul-Junk.

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