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Regenerated Headpiece

Rat Race Vacation

Headsnack / Global Hip Hop

Rat Race Vacation opens with an odd “War Cry,” a bizarre meeting of Ice-T and Devo. And, when its funky little break nods your head, you know you’re in for a peculiar, good time. Phon-X, DJ Exfyl, and Shred Lexicon know hip-hop, remember the good times, and kicks the happiness into your eardrum. Somewhere between tongue-in-cheek and Sermon on the Mount, this trio delivers an intoxicating mixture of Sugar Hill Gang and KRS-One. Exfyl scratches with the maddest of them (check out “Get Your Head On”); Phon-X drops clever lyrics that mix the poignant and promiscuous and crafts some nice old school beats with a cocktail of too many musical flavors to enumerate; and you need an unabridged Webster’s and a thesaurus to decipher Shred Lexicon’s rhymes. This is a surprisingly good time with a great “Party over here! Party over there!” vibe that anyone can appreciate. Big ups for “Writers Block Party Cyphers” (the title and the song).

Global Hip Hop:

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