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Peter Kruder

Peace Orchestra Reset


Nothing is sacred in the remix frenzy of 2002, but, when DJs and producers band together to create new religious tomes, who am I to complain? Some of the world’s best have been assembled to deconstruct Peter Kruder’s 1999 classic, Peace Orchestra. While a lot of fans of that seminal piece will gnash their teeth in disgust, Reset does the original justice. One of Kruder’s other babies, Gotan Project kicks things off with the bizarre menace of “The Man,” which feels like a sci-fi Sergio Leone/James Bond Western. Truby Trio and Beanfield deliver nu-jazz gems with “Shining” and “Meister Petz,” respectively. DJ DSL cuts “Double Drums” into pure chunky, funky hip-hop soul. Zero dB once again impresses with “Henry,” a crash and tumble, Miles-ish nu-jazz choking with ethereal black smoke. Kosma, Soul Patrol, Chateau Flight, Raw Deal, and Guillaume Boulard also add their brilliant takes on Kruder’s luminous genius. While maybe not as earth-shattering as the original, Reset is just the kind of apocrypha electronica zealots need in their libraries.

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