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The Ditty Mu

First Suckling

Pop de Merde

This is a pretty ambitious release. The Ditty Mu is the duo of Mitch Harris and Erica Siegel, and each gets a disc in First Suckling. That is to say, while both play throughout, the red disc contains songs written by Siegel and the blue disc songs by Harris. There is a commonality here besides the players – the two songwriters seem to have similar tastes, or perhaps they influence each other, though each still has their own distinctive touch. The style is a bit lo-fi, featuring guitars, drum and bass, but it’s also distinctive, building memorable lines from simple materials in a recognizable and idiosyncratic fashion. Those familiar with Kevin Seconds or the Mr. T Experience’s Dr. Frank will recognize that particular talent. The music also has an acoustic punk country sound that sometimes reminds me of Camper Van Beethoven, especially on Harris’ compositions.

It’s an impressive effort, but somewhat overlong. None of the songs are bad, but a single mixed album of the best material would really pack a punch.

The Ditty Mu:

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