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Layo & Bushwacka!

Night Works

XL / Beggars Banquet

Layo Paskin and Matthew “Bushwacka!” Benjamin are back with a vengeance. Hot off the heels of their instant classic, “Love Story,” their second effort, Night Works, should place them in the firmament of underground stardom. Once again, the duo collages their myriad influences (including acid house, techno, dub, breakbeat, hip-hop, blues, etc.) and meld them into a cohesive, mind-boggling whole. Deep bass that’ll shatter your cranium, sublime chords, and an intense vision make this a very unique experience. Like on their debut album, Low Life, Layo and Bushwacka! program this puppy to be one, continuous mix. Perhaps because of this or Benjamin’s classical upbringing, Night Works feels almost like a suite – or an On The Corner for the electronica set. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes straight-up funky, and a lot of times laying down phat house grooves, this album is just on this side of brilliant. It is the perfect defense against those who believe dance music is mindless drivel. Layo and Bushwacka! take it to another level on this album, and it is your duty to climb up to meet them. You will not be sorry.

Beggars Banquet:

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