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Saeed & Palash



Saeed & Palash take you on a progressive house adventure that subtly pulls you in and then refuses to let you go. You can picture yourself in a cool, hip basement club where everyone goes to be cool and hip – not necessarily to dance. These two guys enter the booth with their crates to no fanfare and only minimal curiosity. They start off with the deep, lush “Ocean Of Blue” with the erotic ramblings of Anna Maria X. You’re mildly interested. Conversations become a bit distracted. And toes start tapping. Blackwatch pulls you in even further, and then Peter Bailey’s annoyingly anthemic “U Need It” finally yanks you out onto the dance floor. Serious jams by Element N, Marcelo Castelli, and Circus Night refuse to release you from the floor. And, while the second disc does become daunting for home use, there’s still some fine stuff by Spartak, Althea McQueen (of course), Kenny Shifter, Oliver Klein, and Dakota.

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