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Silverchair gone Broadway? Silverchair complete with larger-than-life brass and strings? Diorama’s opener, “Across The Night”, really shouldn’t work, but it does. In fact, the entire album is proof that, no matter how grand and elaborate the band’s vision, the finesse to pull it off is there. Daniel Johns has delivered the best set of songs of his career – he’s barely out of his teens but his music is as good as anything being written today. Infinitely more cohesive than Frogstomp and Freak Show, the disc is a triumphant extension of the musical blossoming evidenced on Neon Ballroom; and while the edgy, melancholy beauty of some parts of that third album are missing here, it’s replaced by other things that are just as good. The band is utterly in control of Diorama, and it sounds awesome. Diverse and intuitively structured, it’s more epic than any Silverchair that’s gone before it. Gorgeously produced, beautifully instrumentated and infused with assurance and purpose, album number four by Australia’s wonderkids is simply excellent.


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