Tim “Love” Lee

Tim “Love” Lee

It’s All Good


Webster’s defines schizophrenia as: “the presence of mutually contradictory or antagonistic parts or qualities.” And, while I’m no psychologist, it doesn’t seem that such a confusing state would make a good dance mix. If only somebody would’ve told DJ/producer/Tummy Touch big cheese Tim “Love” Lee because his is a madness that is hard to understand — let alone find sympathy with. It’s as though he loaded his shotgun with a whole bunch of music and let the buckshot spray. The stuff is good, but it’s all over the place.

It’s All Good starts off with the infectious “Singalong” by Treva Whateva, which actually does have you, well, singing along. Then, you’re snapped into the explosive bhangra beats of Punjabi MC — only to be ricocheted off into some classic funk (Kelly & Yates’ “Funk Tip”) to be clumsily tumbled into some post-Beatles neo-psychedelica by Geezers of Nazareth. Then Lightning Head comes in with a disco dancehall, “Me & Me Princess.”

After those first five songs, your head’s reeling in confusion — your consciousness scattered to every nook and cranny of the globe. While “Love” Daddy was going for the funk, he went way too many places in trying to find it; and, ultimately, he loses you. Instead of a cohesive mix, it feels more like Lee just slapped together a bunch of songs he liked. You’ll probably like a lot of the stuff on this disc as well. The man does have good taste. But it’s not until late into the disc, when Lee gets into some quirky crypto-disco cuts by himself, Groove Armada, Skylab, and Gramme, that you get the idea that he may (oddly enough) have any idea how to throw a mix together. When you dissect this bad boy track by track, it is all good, but, as a whole, as a mix, it is quite mediocre.

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